Curated Kentucky Bourbon Flights!


Chef Dave and Mixologist Dana have crafted the perfect flight of
four Kentucky Bourbons to showcase the flavors and nuances of America’s favorite spirit. Arranged in order for the best flavor experience, we are happy to bring a bit of the Bourbon Trail to you with Angel’s Envy, Elijah Craig Small Batch, Knob Creek Small Batch, and Wild Turkey Rare Breed. Enjoy 4 tastings for $40.

#1. Angel’s Envy
Lexington, KY

Rooted in 200 years of bourbon heritage, this hand-finished, award-winning spirit is finished in port wine casks. A soft bouquet of caramel, pralines, raisins, and vanilla with a bitter chocolate finish.

(86.6 proof)

#2. Elijah Craig
Small Batch
Bardstown, KY

The signature Bourbon bearing the name of the pioneer credited as the first distiller to age whiskey in charred oak barrels.  Notes of greenness which open to a richer, honeyed fruit and emerges into vanilla. (94 proof)

#3. Knob Creek
Small Batch

Clermont, KY

Patiently aged in white oak barrels for nine years, this reflects the true pre-prohibition style that bourbon should taste like. Rich, sweet a woody taste with a full-bodied fruit quality. (100 proof)

#4. Wild Turkey

Rare Breed

Lawrenceburg, KY

Finish with the true, bold spirit of uncompromised Kentucky bourbon. This award-winning Bourbon is uncut with tones of sweet tobacco, hints of orange, and a dusting of mint.

(116.8 proof)

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